startup.netMATCH: 2nd Investors' Dinner goes Europe

On March 18, the second Investors‘ Dinner goes Europe took place in Berlin at Clärchens Ballhaus. 15 promising startups from Europe met 25 potential investors. 15 of them were Business Angels, which were prepared in an Angelsbootcamp, a master class for international angel investors, before the Dinner. In the interactive workshop topics such as Deal Flow, Risk Management and Due Dilligence were communicated. At the same time the 15 young technology-startups from Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) learned in a Silicon Valley pitch coaching, how to present themselves and their business model perfectly. At the final exclusive Investors’ Dinner goes Europe, organised by startup.net berlinbrandenburg, the startups encountered participants of the Angelsbootcamp as well as Early-stage Venture Capital Firms.

At the beginning, the Secretary Guido Beermann, Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research, the CEO of the media.net berlinbrandenburg Andrea Peters (media.net berlinbrandenburg), Countess Agnes von Matuschka (Centre for Entrepreneurship/ TU Berlin) and Mike Doherty (Angelsbootcamp) welcomed the participants.

Before the dinner could actually start, Oliver Beste (media.net berlinbrandenburg/ Tollabox) explained “rules”: At each table there were two startups and four investors. Each course prior, a round took place where every startup had one minute to pitch and then another five minutes to answer questions of the investors or to discuss. Thereafter the next startup had a turn.

While enjoying the delicious menus, one or another business contact might have established in the relaxed atmosphere of the Spiegelsaal at Clärchens Ballhaus.

The whole programme was jointly organised by the Centre for Entrepreneurship of the TU Berlin, EIT ICT Labs, Startup Bootcamp and startup.net berlinbrandenburg. We would like to thank all our sponsors and partners for the support and the team of Clärchens Ballhaus for the good and friendly service.


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