Haven’t we all dreamt of time travelling or exploring a fantasy world? Imagine if you could watch your favourite film or TV series and then enter and interact with it’s universe while you wait for the next season?

Anotherworld VR is a young and dynamic Berlin based VR content production studio. We create photorealistic and exciting VR content specialising in storytelling, cinematic aesthetics and immersive gaming interactivity.

To achieve this, we make use our in-house 105 camera scan dome and Mo-Cap space while employing the technique of photogrammetry on our 512 GB RAM workstations that speed up the process.

With over 15 years of filmmaking / post-production experience, 10 years of 3D and VFX know-how and 3 years of intense research and development in the field of VR we have built a versatile platform to help our clients change the future.