MovieBrats Studios is an animation & visual effects studio in the heart of Berlin.

MovieBrats Studios is an animation & visual effects studio in the heart of Berlin, offering a wide range of products and services in the field of high quality 2D & 3D computer animation, vfx and VR/360 production for film, tv and the advertising industry.

Recent and recurring clients include Adidas, Montblanc, Bosch, Bayer AG, Scholz & Friends, Boston Consulting Group, Swoodoo, Deka Investments, 27 Films Production, ARD, ZDF, Warner Bros., Peix, Fisherman’s Friend, AOK, NFP marketing & distribution, Lieblingsfilm, Deutsche Filmakademie, Bremedia Produktion, Würth Elektronik and others.

Its affiliate production branch MovieBrats Pictures is developing, producing or co-producing producing high-quality theatrical feature and animated films. Their focus is on English-language, genre-driven entertainment and high concept family films for global audiences.