1. Founded in 2002, KING now has 13 studios and offices located in eight different countries. Your flagship game Candy Crush Saga has more than 285 Million monthly users. Fawzi, what is the secret of Candy Crush’s success? Are there any “typical” Candy Crush players?
    • Candy Crush Saga has been downloaded over three billion times and is being enjoyed by people all over the world. Both Candy Crush Saga and Candy Crush Soda Saga have been in the top grossing charts for over 4 consecutive years (18 quarters). A typical candy player can be anyone, I see people playing every day in my commute to work, I get stopped and asked for lives by airport security operators when they see the King logo on my backpack and till this day I get a lot of requests by friends and family members.
  2. You opened your Berlin studio four years ago with a small team of 20. Since then Berlin’s gaming industry has skyrocketed. What is your view on Berlin as a gaming hotspot and KING’s part in it?
    • Berlin feels like the place to be when it comes to games specifically and tech more generally. It’s a very artistic and multicultural city with a lot to offer which makes it very attractive for talent. It’s one of the fastest growing tech hubs in the world and it seems to be on its way of becoming Europe’s next big tech hub. Berlin also boasts cheaper costs of living compared to other tech hubs such as Silicon Valley or London. This environment is ideal for growth of the gaming sphere and we see a lot of companies forming or having offices here as well. Since we opened the studio, we have grown into approximately 80 employees hosting a successful live title; Candy Jelly Saga, and we continue to grow! There are also a lot of strong local game development schools that we have strong ties with Berlin Games Academy and School for games and help support with our internship programs. There’s a lot of talented people in Berlin.
  3. Are there any new games, Candy Crush add-ons and trends in casual gaming beyond 2018? What are you presenting at gamescom and where can we meet you and KING?
    • Candy Crush Saga hit a major milestone by being 5 years old last year and we have a continued promise to provide our audience with the best possible experience. We’ve introduced a lot of new features to the game since then including a graphical enhancement update, many special events and many many new levels. We’re always working on new things as well and we can’t wait till we share with you guys the new games that we’ll be releasing. We always have a presence at gamescom, our parent company Activision Blizzard usually has massive booths and showcases at the event as well so make sure not to miss those either and drop by and say hi.

Juni 2018

Foto: Lera Polska

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King/ Midasplayer ist einer der führenden Spieleentwickler, der 2003 gegründet wurde und den Spielern ermöglicht, durch eine von überall erreichbare Plattform mit anderen Mitspielern zu spielen und zu kommunizieren. Zu den entwickelten Spielen gehören beispielsweise Candy Crush und Farm Heroes.