The conference will focus on the following areas from a pan-European perspective:

Data breach response great and small – this session will be led by our US partner Chris Cwalina, our new Global Co-Head of Cyber Risk. Chris has recently handled one of the largest reported data breaches and will share his experience and lessons learned from 15 years of dealing with global breaches from the US to the specific requirements of the GDPR.

Dealing with the plague of access requests – many businesses have received 100s of requests since 25 May. This session will consider the practicalities in responding and narrowing the scope of the response to the extent possible taking account of different attitudes and exemptions in France, Germany, Netherlands and the UK.

E-privacy and advertising technology deep dive – the session will explain how basic ad tech and services such as Facebook Lookalike Audiences and Google Analytics work in layman’s terms – we will then examine the impact of the GDPR and the latest version of the E-Privacy Regulation on these services and what businesses should be doing to use these services compliantly.

National developments in France, Germany, Netherlands and the UK – despite the GDPR’s harmonising intent many anomalies have been introduced between member states – this session will focus on the key differences and will provide a forum to discuss specific queries with the panel.