2Sync specializes in creating innovative and immersive Extended Reality (XR) - especially Mixed Reality (MR) - experiences that synchronize real and virtual worlds.

Our Software Development Platform for space-independent, procedurally generated XR applications extends the reality of every user. We can intelligently overlay or attach the physical world with virtual information, enabling entirely new applications: from Virtual (VR) to Augmented Reality (AR) and all in between – we implement true Mixed Reality!

The problem we faced: VR applications with free movement, physical interaction, multi-user capabilities and low entry barriers are not cost-effective and scalable to implement. Equally AR applications can only generate full added value with environmental awareness. We take the next step in both worlds by breaking down the barriers and connecting all of reality with virtuality – enabling true MR: completely automated and within seconds in any environment. This enables us to deliver XR applications in a cost-efficient and scalable way – and delight users with physical interaction and movement in the real world, higher immersion, avoided motion sickness and longer usage times.

Enterprises can become one of the first to offer physical XR experiences and ensure undivided attention, achieve higher user penetration rates and increase willingness to pay. Let’s discuss the perfect use case together!