Term sheet negotiations for VC investments happen behind „closed doors“. The extent to which terms can be negotiated varies among VC funds but there are certain core terms that form the basis of every VC investment. VCs have a much larger knowledge of these terms and experience in negotiating than founders do. Our simulated term sheet negotiation helped leveling this playing field.

Our three Speaker Robin Eyben Partner (Osborne Clarke), Ute Mercker (Investment Director, IBB) and Terence Hielscher (Founder and CEO, MoBerries) started with a short introduction about themselves and the exemplary startup befor the first steps of the simulated Seed Financing Round started. During the term sheet negotiation they were taking the audience through a discussion of many different requirements and ideas from the point of view of the startup, as well as from the investor’s side. At the end of the negotiation the participants had the chance to ask their questions and the speakers could clarify the last ambiguities.

The participants got an exclusive insight in this kind of negotiations and it helped them to better understand the different interests of the parties. It gave them an idea how important it is to deal with this topic extensively and to research unclear terms before entering into such negotiations. Especially the discussion of the different parties pointed out, that it is necessary to clarify every single topic with patience to come to an successful contract.

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