What is the medianet?

  • The medianet berlinbrandenburg ranks among the biggest and most successful regional networks of media and digital economy in Germany. We are providing the connection between economy and politics – for you, your business, your interests and your location Berlin-Brandenburg. Due to its excellent contacts in business, politics and research, the medianet is broadly networked and very well positioned.

How do you become a member?

  • Please send us your application (HERE) via e-mail, mail or fax.

What does the medianet actually do? 

  • medianet organizes over 130 events a year with its various initiatives. An overview of our event formats and reports of past events can be found here. The medianet serves the creative industry from Berlin and Brandenburg as a platform for networking, exchange and cultivating contacts. For this we offer special event formats, adapted to the diverse interests of our members. The medianet, together with its members, contributes to the economic conditions at the location. We represent your interests locally and also bring you into contact with other economic sectors. In us you have a mouthpiece that brings your topics to the public.
  • As a member you also get the chance to publish your vacancies for free in our Job Market. In our weekly newsletter we exclusively report about our member´s news. medianet also offers a platform for HR.

How is the medianet financed?

  • The basic funding of the medianet are the membership fees and sponsoring from the economy. In addition, medianet receives project-related funding.

What does it mean for me and my company to be a member?

  • The medianet supports you very concretely and strengthens your company at the location. We open the doors for you. We make your company visible and connect you. For your company, this means finding potential new customers / partners / employees, finding investors, exchanging ideas with other companies from the same or different industries. In addition, the medianet offers you the opportunity to help shape the economic conditions on site. When exchanging ideas with other companies, you can take valuable impulses with you. With a membership of your company you get 100 percent network performance for the employees.

Why is the medianet necessary?

  • The medianet networks you on site and beyond (for example at the fairs gamescom and dmexco) in Germany and Europe. Members profit from a long know-how and the big network. We have the opportunity to promote topics what we do together with our more than 400 members. The medianet conveys skills and brings decision-makers from economics and politics together. We organize delegation trips and thus network with international contacts. Also via games:net Berlin Europe you have the opportunity to get to know new locations in Europe. In the past we were already in  TallinnStockholm or Warsaw.

Who are the appropriate contact persons for my request?

Management members – Andrea Kaul

Events –  Lilli-Marie Liebisch

Games  – Anne Autenrieb

Creative Production – Stella Dehne

Startups– Ronja Böhme

games:net Berlin Europe – Florian Masuth and Inke Breuning

PR & Publicity and Publishing Industry Manager – Alexander Fuchs

Newsletter, Website, Cooperations & Social Media – Xenia Günther

Several organizational requests and universitites – Sabrina Manthe

You can find an overview of our team here.

I have a startup, what can the medianet do for me?

  • Startups pay reduced membership fees, you´ll find further information about that HERE. Out network offers startups  a variety of offers and opportunities: besides the networking and establising in the scene, contacts to big players, investors and banks can be made through the media:net. At the Investors’ Dinner you can pitch for the capital of high-class investors and at our fairs you find right contacts to established companies or funding institutions. Don´t hesitate to directly contact Anne Autenrieb to get further information.

With whom does the medianet work together?

How did the medianet come about?

  • The network, then named newmedia.net, was launched in 2001 by Bernd Schiphorst, today chairman of the supervisory board of medianet. Read more about it in an interview with him.

Can I come by and say hello?

  • You are welcome to make an appointment with us to get to know each other. Please directly contact Sabrina Manthe, either via e-mail: manthe@medianet-bb.de or via phone: 030-246285710.

And if I don´t have a company but am self-employeed?

  • You can also become a member in the medianet as a freelancer, as a natural person with a sponsored membership. Just fill out the membership application and choose the right category. As a freelancer, you also profit from the size and variety of the network which can offer you potential positions as well as the promotion of your own person.