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The applications have to be submitted until the 27th of September 2021.

The application will only be used for the internal selection process by our jury and won’t be submitted to the attending investors.

We will confirm the receipt of your application via email. We will contact you again after the jury has made its decision at the end of October. Please understand that the jury voting is confidential and we will not provide any information on why somebody has been chosen or not.

If you have been selected by the jury for the participation in the Investors’ Dinner on December, 2nd, 6-10 pm, we will invite you to a preparation meeting on the evening of November, 22th, 4-7 pm. Please strictly reserve these two dates in your calendar already now! Only one person can attend the dinner on 2 December 2021, but several people from one company can attend the preparatory meeting.

With the submission of your application you agree to:

  • the usage of your documents for the jury meeting (original documents will be forwarded to our jury),
  • contacting you for all purposes of the 22nd Investors‘ Dinner 2021,
  • communicating your attendance (if selected by the jury) in social media posts and other PR-materials,
  • visual documentation of the event and the usage of these pictures for all online and offline public relation purposes by media:net berlinbrandenburg e. V.

Good Luck!

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