Political satire and anti-propaganda media startup from Belarus and Ukraine

ChinChin is a popular non-commercial political satire media startup launched on YouTube in Belarus in August 2020. Immediately ChinChin met viral success in the Russian-speaking segment. The ChinChin team has gathered highly experienced media, filmmaking, theatre, and marketing professionals. The main idea of ChinChin is to expose the absurdity of Russian-speaking propaganda and the lies of politicians. Reducing the impact of propaganda and showing the absurdity of state-sponsored media, we try to make an input to the free and fair society building. In a situation of dictatorship, war, and repression, funny and pro-democracy content help people think critically about officials and current policy. We believe that political satire brings confidence to the youth, women, and passive citizens. As well as it decreases anxiety and stress. People start to believe in their potential to influence the political situation, to suppress civil rights, in particular, rights of freedom of expression and free media, political representation, problems of inequality, and gender problems. One year after the launch in Belarus, the ChinChin team members got threats to be arrested and imprisoned. In September 2021, the ChinChin team moved to safe Lviv, – a city in the West of Ukraine. After Russia attacked Ukraine on February 24, 2022, we escaped Ukraine and went to Poland and Germany. Now ChinChin is bases in Berlin.