Annual Membership

The costs of an annual membership depend on the type of company.

    • media companies and service providers: 1,500 Euro
    • banks, insurance companies, VCs, law firms: 2,500 Euro
    • sole proprietorship: 500 Euro
    • startups:
      • founded 12 month ago or earlier 250 Euro per year
      • founded up to 24 months ago 500 Euro per year
      • founded up to 36 months ago 750 Euro per year
      • founded up to 48 months ago 1,000 Euro per year
      • founded up to 60 months ago 1,250 Euro per year
      • From the 61st month after foundation the tariff “Media Companies and Service Providers” with the amount of 1,500 euros applies.

The price for startups increases year by year based on the scale listed above. Once a startup has reached the 60 month milestone, the costs would be the same as for “media companies and service providers” and includes the medianet-joycard.

You can easily request the membership by clicking on the link below this text. Please note that taxes are not included.

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