Find your treasure. The new app where clothes come for free.

With the GIFTD IOS and Android app, a new solution to pass on second-hand clothing through the simple act of gifting is spreading across Berlin. Until now, passing on your clothing was only possibly via Facebook groups, Ebay Kleinanzeigen, or directly among family and friends. GIFTD provides a dedicated platform that makes transactions as easy and efficient as possible. The gifting category suits everything that’s too hard to resell and too good to recycle, more than 50 percent of consumers’ unused clothing, according to a survey by the GIFTD founding team. Those 50 percent equate to 30 billion newly produced and unused items of clothing with a CO2 footprint of around 0.6 gigatonnes of CO2 per year (compared to global air traffic with around 1 gigatonne). After the bootstrapping start of GIFTD in 2022 in Berlin, the founding team is now planning to launch the platform on a larger scale throughout Germany.