HERMONE is a Hormone Cycle Awareness App that helps menstruating people better understand their cycle and turn it into their very own superpower!

Women* experience more than 400 hormone cycles throughout their lives. Over 90 per cent of us notice more than five unwanted symptoms during our cycles – not just during our periods.

We are continuously told that these symptoms are “normal” and part of being a woman*. But we should not have to put up with this any longer! But how can change this situation, if we don’t know what’s happening within our own bodies?

The female* cycle is complex and consists of much more than just periods and ovulation. We take a holistic look at the hormone cycle, which is an important indicator of female* health.

With HERMONE we want to help every person with a female* hormone cycle to lead a more self-determined life. Easy to understand cycle-knowledge is the core of our concept. All symptoms are taken seriously and seen as part of the whole system – whether they are physical or emotional. By better understanding our own bodies, we learn to communicate our needs in the process. HERMONE helps to recognise patterns during the cycle, which helps alleviate symptoms and gives users the ability to make better choices for themselves and their health.