We are a game company from Helsinki, now also expanding to Berlin, that crafts chart-topping mobile experiences and is one of the fastest growing game companies in Europe. Launched in 2020, our first global hit game Merge Mansion already has 50 million players.

There are many ways to create successful games. Our way is to put players’ desires ahead of our own – constantly forming and validating new hypotheses with player feedback. All before writing a single line of code or drawing any key art. We test a lot, and we test often.

We keep our game teams small until they find a market-fit for a game they’re building. When they do, we grow our team to scale the game as quickly as possible. As a company, we’re going at 170+ employees and growing fast.

Our mission is to entertain hundreds of millions of people for decades – through our games, but also our ads, events and online communities. A tall order that calls for unparalleled creativity and truly out-of-ordinary ideas.