Connects viewers & brands, like nothing you have seen before.

POSE, the game-changer, turns the audience into buyers by seamlessly integrating prop and costume shopping from beloved actors during streaming. With no current connection between streaming platforms, the marketplace, brands, and streamers, POSE disrupts the norm, creating additional revenue streams for film producers, streaming platforms, brands, and product producers.

Bid farewell to disruptive product placements as POSE offers a shortcut, enabling inspired streamers to purchase costumes with a simple pause button press. Uniting streamers, brands, and the marketplace, POSE fuels engagement and hype, forging a direct connection like never before.

Leveraging AI and data analytics, POSE’s unique algorithm unveils consumer trends, providing a viable alternative to clumsy product placements. Join the revolution and let POSE transform your streaming experience into a seamless buying journey. Discover the magic of POSE: the missing link connecting the audience to a world of possibilities.