After some breakfast and a warm welcome by Maria Wagner, Head of games:net, and Gregor Schmid, Lawyer at Taylor Wessing, the morning took off with the trailer of KLANG GAMES’ recent game SEED, which was released just a few hours later.

There is no doubt that SEED is unique and definitely a gamechanger according to its technical and product design. The game is backed up by a whole product line of interesting media additives, for example the life cycle podcast, in which leading scientists elaborate on the future of humanity.

However, who made this happen and how? KLANG GAMES started off as an unusual idea and is now a very successful studio with around 50 employees based in Berlin. It became alive thanks to the commitment and belief in the vision. The commitment was so strong that even when the co-founders had to share a bed to survive the harsh start, even this period of time went by fast and smoothly.

Besides the strong will, the co-founders also gathered a very diverse team with interesting backgrounds, which allowed the seed to grow even stronger and additionally helped to convince VCs to invest in their vision of creating a great story as well as innovative tech.

Mundi followed the motto ‘learning by doing’: “You have to hit your head in different corners and learn. And then put your learning into practice”. When he began to raise funding for his vision, he didn’t have any experience in pitching. Now he is able to secure millions to make it happen. To say it in his words: “Pitch as many times as you can. It helps to get better”.

The morning was filled with entertaining and educative life stories of a very interesting man, which just can’t be told in a review. The audience followed the interview in awe and left feeling very inspired.

We thank Mundi Vondi for being our guest and the interesting insights into his mind and work. Furthermore, we want to thank André Bernhardt for moderating this event and asking the right questions.

We thank Taylor Wessing for the great opportunity of co-hosting this games:net BREAKFAST and finally a big thank you to our games:net partners for their ongoing support. We cannot wait for the next one!

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