The Indie Arena Booth has become an integral part of gamescom. For the 10th time, the best international indie games will be shown there from August 24 to 28, once again in hybrid form. This way, developers can exhibit their games online as well as offline and present them to the press, publishers and fans and benefit from the enormous visibility of the IAB.  

As part of the joint stand of Berlin-Brandenburg, medianet berlinbrandenburg e.V. supports up to five Berlin and Brandenburg developers who apply to be part of the Indie Arena Booth with a benefit package of the following content. Through funding, applicants incur no costs for:  



  • 1 arcade or game station in the Berlin-Brandenburg area of the IAB 
  • 1 ticket for gamescom 2022 
  • Hardware or arcade including branding  
  • Snacks & drinks  
  • Participation in the Steam and Online Festival  
  • USK check  
  • Media Package of the gamescom 2022  
  • If applicable, a Let’s Play in the livestream of the Indie Arena Booth  
  • Press release of medianet berlinbrandenburg e.V. with all winners  
  • Participation in events of the Indie Arena Booth  
  • Access to the IAB Headquarters and Business Lounge for networking with relevant contacts  


Digital booth  

  • A digital arcade in the digital Berlin-Brandenburg area of IAB 
  • Information about your game, chat features, collectible stickers to encourage discovery, links to platforms with wishlists for your game 


In addition 

  • Participation in the Berlin-Brandeburg Reception in the Business Area 


Application deadline  

The application period for this year’s Indie Arena Booth will run until May 17, 2022, and applications will be accepted through the Indie Arena Booth. Mark your application with “Berlin-Brandenburg” in the header to let the IAB know that you want to be part of the Berlin-Brandenburg area. If you have already applied, you can edit your application accordingly.  



The selection of the participating studios is done by the Indie Arena Booth. We are not involved in the selection process. In case of a successful application of studios from Berlin and Brandenburg, we can cover the costs for the participation in the form of the service package described above.