United Imagination, founded by Art Historian Dominic Riemenschneider, brings together consultancy for the Games Industry, cultural institutions and new forms of cultural mediation.

Connecting Old Arts and New Worlds.


Specializing in Art History, I provide valuable Consulting for Games Industry, ensuring authentic visual and historical elements, engaging worldbuilding, and compelling narratives that resonate with gamers. I also excel at art-based community projects that inspire excitement and engagement.

In addition, I provide Communication and Consulting Services specifically for cultural institutions. With my expertise, I can help develop effective communication strategies, enhance community building, and curate compelling exhibitions and events that showcase centuries of rich heritage and artistic excellence.

In Cultural Mediation, I regularly stream on art, religion, and worldbuilding/narrative in Fantasy and Science Fiction. As a Live Action Video Podcast, I share my passion for games, movies, series, and fantastic art.

With Applied Art History for Game Devs a second, english-speaking Video Podcast is added. Here, Art History merges with the world of games and we explore the profound impact Art History has on worldbuilding, narrative, and storytelling of games. The podcast provides practical insights for game developers looking for inspiration, artists looking to deepen their knowledge, or just game enthusiasts fascinated by the intersection of art and new worlds.

Discover the possibilities of Art History for games, community and education! Contact me to find out how I can help you create worlds and stories that take people’s breath away.