ZTA Management was listed as one of the "Future Leaders in Talent Management 2023" by the international industry outlet SCREEN DAILY for its contemporary and holistic talent management concept that organically and strategically links the areas of acting and public relations.

Following the motto “Be so good they can’t ignore you” ZTA founder and talent agent Zetha Asafu-Adjaye recognized at the latest in the baroque costume in her drama club in downtown Holzminden, that her role or better vocation would rather be behind the stage than on it in the future. After various professional experiences in acting management, film distribution, casting and publicity in Berlin and Rome, she realized who you really need at your side as an actor: empathetic and organized companions and trailblazers.

An agent who believes in the potential of their clients and their individual possibilities for their artistic work, someone who recognizes their visions and implement them proactively and “we-consciously” into reality. At ZTA, Zetha Asafu-Adjaye and Elias Asbai see themselves as creators rather than administrators, agents of change and challengers.

“My team and I are the ones you call on when others tell you “It can’t be done.” or “It’s never been done that way before.” Together, we develop strategies, open doors, and expand the proverbial scope of possibilities.”

Each client thereby receives an individual strategy and a personal consultation in the areas of acting, image and brand building, as well as in targeted public relations.

“Don’t just network, be(at) the network.” is the company credom, driven by the goal for a sustainable structural change, starting with a contemporary talent management.