From loan financing through family, friends and fools, silent partnerships and angel investments to strategic investors, financial investors and bank financing, the possibilities for corporate financing are manifold. Our experts from the law firm Brehm & v. Moers and Berliner Sparkasse presented the different methodologies and the varying needs of the respective investor groups and were able to share their expertise from the practical experience of investors as well as from the perspective of credit institutions. 

The event took place on Zoom and was aimed equally at potential start-ups and established studios.

Our experts 

Kai Bodensiek – Brehm & v. Moers 

Kai Bodensiek is a lawyer and partner at the renowned media law firm Brehm & v. Moers and an expert in advising companies in the games industry. Since 2005, Kai Bodensiek has been advising a large number of German and international publishers, developers and other service providers in the games industry on all issues relating to the production, licensing and financing of computer games as well as corporate financing. 



Daniel Boegner – Berliner Sparkasse 

Corporate customer advisor for more than 15 years. Since its foundation three years ago, he has been a member of Berliner Sparkasse’s four-person “Media and Creative Industries Team”, which focuses exclusively on companies in Berlin’s diverse creative and media landscape. 



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