We defeated street fighters, collected gold coins and drove the wildest tracks – what a fantastic evening at GAMES meets FILM at LVL!

This time, we focussed on the rapid developments in the field of artificial intelligence – a topic that poses challenges for both the games and film industries in visual production and opens up exciting opportunities and potential.

The event kicked off with an impressive keynote speech by David Bennet, founder and CEO of Mimic Productions, who addressed the topic of “The Use of AI Humans in the Games and Film Industry, exploring the Boundaries of Creativity, Case Studies, and the Outputs of our Technological Advancements”. Afterwards, our panel, moderated by AC Coppens, delved deeper into the thoughts and experiences of Christina Caspers-Roemer, Managing Director at TRIXTER, and David Bennett.

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David Bennett, Founder and CEO at Mimic Productions 

David Bennett has over 27 years of experience in the VFX, performance capture, 3D gaming and VR industries. He has played a major role in the development of facial animation, his credits include Hollywood’s blockbusters and has invented many new tools and techniques to streamline and enhance the capabilities of the internal technology. He founded Mimic Productions in 2012, a leading studio that makes the world’s most realistic digital characters, for all industries and imaginations, under one roof in Berlin, and now after years of incubation he is ready to take over the AI driven chatbots market with Pixel Thinkers. 

AC Coppens 

AC is a strategist, curator, speaker and founder of THE CATALYSTS, a boutique agency boosting the development of innovative and creative players in digital technology, media, science and film, music, design and the arts. Blending critical thinking, creative strategy and future-oriented research, as well as a solid background in the performing arts, AC is frequently invited to major international events to host, present keynotes, and moderate thought-provoking discussions.


Christina Caspers-Roemer, General Manager at TRIXTER 

Christina works as General Manager at TRIXTER. TRIXTER is one of the leading VFX studios in Europe. With her team, Christina works primarily for international studios and clients, as well as large scale streaming service providers. In her position, Christina is responsible for the day-to-day business across all ongoing and potential new productions from acquisition to final delivery. At TRIXTER, Christina is also responsible for the evaluation of the latest technologies and their tailored application to each project.  



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