Winner of many awards, the puzzler Dorfromantik is an absolute success. With its simple gameplay, beautiful graphics and monthly updates, the indie title offers relaxation and challenge at the same time. The game comes from Toukana Interactive, an indie studio from Berlin. The four founders completed their studies during the development of the game and are now more than ready for the future. What this looks like, how to produce a successful title and manage your studies at the same time, and what hurdles the team has encountered, Sandro Heuberger, Managing Director of Toukana Interactive, told us in an entertaining conversation with André Bernhardt, Managing Director of IndieAdvisor. 

You can watch the video recording of the Zoom conversation here on YouTube.

Many thanks to Sandro Heuberger and Toukana Interactive as well as André Bernhardt for the insightful conversation!

Sandro Heuberger 

While studying for his Master’s degree in Game Design at HTW Berlin, he founded the studio Toukana Interactive together with fellow students Luca Langenberg, Timo Falcke and Zwi Zausch with the clear goal of becoming a long-term player in the German games industry. With Dorfromantik as their debut title, they offered a first reference project that embodies the core philosophy of Toukana’s game development: A minimalistic and elegant core mechanic with a high replay value, embedded in an idyllic game world and combined with a harmonious gameplay. 


André Bernhardt 

André Bernhardt has been running IndieAdvisor & Company for nine years. He offers external business development and consulting for indie developers, curates the devcom Indie Expo, teaches at various universities and organises panels, talks and other events. 



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