Host Sophie Vo spoke with founders from the games industry about the topic that moves the working world: New Work. Tatiana Kondratyeva, Hendrik Ruhe and Johannes Knop talked about how they handle ownership and decision-making, leave and participation in their company. 

If you missed the livestream, you can watch the recording here:

Sophie Vo – Rise&Play 

Sophie is a Game Leader expert in building creative, high-performing teams which create memorable game experiences. Additionally, she is the founder of Rise and Play: a platform on leadership practices advocating for a human-centric approach to game development and teams. She invests in companies that will create the future of games while promoting healthy working cultures. 


Tatiana Kondratyeva – Playpack Games 

Tatiana Kondratyeva, the co-founder and CEO of PlayPack, a mobile game studio based in Berlin. Tatiana has a long career in gaming, prior being Executive Producer at Etermax, and before that having product and producer roles at Wooga and Game Insight. PlayPack was formed in 2021 and focused on making casual games with meaningful social interactions. 


Hendrik Ruhe – Instinct3 

Hendrik Ruhe is Managing Director of I3 Holding GmbH, INSTINCT3 GmbH as well as Eintracht Spandau GmbH, a group of companies with over 80 employees in the field of online marketing, gaming and e-sports based in Berlin Spandau. Parallel to his role as CEO and founder, Hendrik Ruhe was a lecturer at the University of Applied Media, is a jury member at VideoDays and a speaker on topics such as modern work structures, corporate culture, e-sports and gaming. 


Johannes Knop – Randwerk 

Johannes Knop is game designer, chairman and co-founder at Randwerk Games, Germany’s first game studio cooperative. With their debut, the destructive physics puzzle game “ABRISS – build to destroy”, Randwerk has already won the German Computer Game Award in the category “Best Graphic Design”. 


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