Your contact person


Sabrina Manthe

Branch Managerin | Partnering Programs 

Sabrina Manthe is your contact person for every organisational and financial issue of our network and supports our executive board in their daily business.

Fon: 030 2462 857 – 10



Andrea Kaul

Member & Network Manager

Andrea Kaul manages all member issues.

Fon: 030 2462 857 – 12


Rita Strasburger

Network & Partner Relations Managerin

Rita is responsible for the support and acquisition of our members. She also looks after the sponsors of the medianet events.

Fon: 030 2462 857 – 22



Jérémy Hoffmann

New Business Project Manager

As New Business Project Manager, Jérémy works on the expansion of the topics “People & Culture” & “Digital Economy & Startups” as well as on the operational support of the associated members and provides general support in the area of medianet GAMES. He co-produces with Candy the People & Culture Festival.

Fon: 030 2462 857 – 17



Candy Glas

Project & Innovation Manager

Candy is responsible for the operational management of events, supports the planning and implementation and co-produces the People & Culture Festival with Jérémy. Candy is also responsible for internal transformation tasks and the (further) development of event and activation formats.

Fon: 030 2462 857 – 10


Madeleine Schrader

Event & Communications Manager

Madeleine creates creative content for medianet, writes communication concepts, including for the PEOPLE & CULTURE FESTIVAL 2023, and is responsible for the organisation of various event formats.

Fon: 030 2462 857 – 22


Anne Autenrieb

Project manager in the medianet SERVICES department for GAMES

As a project manager, Anne Autenrieb plans and realizes events as well as marketing projects for the GAMES department and drives the internet presence of #GamesCapitalBerlin forward.

Fon: 030 2462 857 – 18



Florian Masuth

Head of medianet Games & New Business

Florian Masuth connects the games and digital industry in the capital region with international partners.

Fon: 030 2462 857 – 13



Oliver Langkowski

Project Manager GAMES

Oliver Langkowski supports the Games Team and is the contact person for the House of Games and BSG-Go!.


Lilli-Marie Liebisch (on parental leave)

Head of Events & New Business

Lilli-Marie Liebisch is responsible for our various events and productions and supports our networking activities.

Fon: 030 2462 857 – 21




Stella Dehne

Project Manager Creative Production

Stella is responsible for the conception and implementation of various event formats (analog & digital) as a project manager in the event and network sector, especially for the regional and national film, TV, radio/audio and media technology industry.

Fon: 030 2462 857 – 14



Alexander Fuchs

Press and Public Relations

Alexander Fuchs informs you on our own account. He is responsible for press and public relations and the marketing of medianet.

Fon: 030 2462 857 – 16




Rebecca Deppe

Online and Social Media Manager

Rebecca Deppe is the editor for the medianet newsletter, as well as for our website and social media.

Fon: 030 2462 857 – 11





Fotos: Die Hoffotografen GmbH / Paul Alexander Probst