After some warm words of welcoming to the online audience from Lars Vormann, Head of games:net berlinbrandenburg, Jonathan Munoz, Business Development Manager/Evangelist for Genvid Technologies, took over the moderation of the panel.

The three speakers for this discussion have been Astrid Refstrup, CEO and Co-founder of Triple Topping Games, corporate development lead of Riot Games Brendan Mulligan and Christopher Hamilton, Director of Developer Relations at Genvid Technologies.

Jonathan guided the speakers through the talks about how they had to adjust their business in terms of the Covid-19 pandemic and the unusual situation with the lack of physical events like conventions or meetings abroad and having a lot of online meetings instead from the kitchen or the bedroom.

The speakers shared insights about how they were and are dealing with partners and clients during this time, in which behaviours it is easy to fall when working from home and how to adjust the “office times” to not being available 24h per day.

The topics involved recruiting, realigning some of the business goals if necessary, hints for Indi developers and many more. At the end of the call, the audience of 24 viewers had the chance to participate in a Q&A with the speakers and get their questions answered.

If you are interested in having a look at the panel, you can watch the full discussion here:

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