The European market has lagged behind in terms of tech infrastructure and design talent for some time. In order to take this opportunity and thrive, marketers need to focus on more than cheap installs and performance-driven goals. While it might be tempting to focus on pure performance only, long term brand building will be essential to shine in this new global landscape.

In the DCMN SCALEup, in collaboration with games:net, we explored together with over 70 participants the future and possibilities for European games publishers both during the COVID-19 lockdown and beyond it.

The session answered the following questions:

  • How have games marketers responded to the surge in demand during COVID-19?
  • During COVID-19, do digital marketing channels work best for mobile gaming & how do you measure their impact?
  • How do traditional media channels such as TV or other offline stack up in this current climate?
  • Faced with tight budgets, how can game marketers incorporate an omni-channel approach in order to successfully grow their brand?
  • How can they mix both performance and branding (a.k.a. brandformance) in their marketing strategy in order to maximise growth?
  • Can the industry sustain the gains made during this period over the long term?
  • How might the future look for the games industry post-corona and how can we best prepare for what comes next?



Nate Barker, Director of Business Development at Kolibri

Nate is currently the Director of Business Development at Kolibri Games, where he has worked for the past three years. After receiving his BFA from New York University, Nate began his career in a marketing role at Disney Interactive. He has since held a variety of roles across marketing and business development at such companies as Chartboost, Linekong and Seeds.





Andrej Kugonič, User Acquisition Lead at Nordeus

Andrej is an experienced marketing professional with a strong passion for growth. He has a strong background of working in the mobile games industry and at media buying/planning agencies heading performance marketing teams. Andrej has worked on digital performance marketing campaigns and strategies for many global brands since the early stages of the Serbian market. He’s currently responsible for leading the Uuer acquisition team and growth activities for all Nordeus games with a focus on the flagship game Top Eleven and the new live game Heroic.




Melanie Zimmermann, Head of Marketing at Wooga

Melanie Zimmermann is a brand and marketing specialist living in Berlin. As Head of Marketing for games developer Wooga she leads a team who is focused on developing successful marketing campaigns. During two decades in the games and creative industries (Disney Interactive, Riot Games), she has helped shape brands that players all around the world love. Melanie believes in the power of integrated branding, with authenticity and storytelling being fundamental factors for business success.





The session was moderated by Julian Reitzig, Sales Director at DCMN.

A big thank you to all our partners, speakers and participants for this great webinar.


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