Summer is here and with it comes the possibility to have physical meetings outside again! We want to seize this opportunity to invite you personally to a small and familiar come-together with the Berlin games community and some cold drinks and snacks on the evening of July 14th in a Biergarten atmosphere.

Although the Covid-situation seems to be further relaxing right now, we want to be extra sure to keep this in a small circle, below the allowed threshold of people, to not take any unnecessary risks. Please understand that we can only invite one person from your company for this reason. If you cannot make it personally on this evening, but you want someone else from your company to join us, please let us know in advance.


Safety and distance information: The venue will be open to the public on the day of our event. We have reserved tables with sufficient space for our invited guests according to current regulations. If you enter the location, you will need to wear a mask, that you can take off once at the table. To be allowed for the entrance at the location, you do need to have the Corona- or the Luca-App.

Due to corona we keep a very short list of maximum 25 guests. Please note that this event is for invited guests only and the places are limited.

We are looking forward to finally meet you in person again very soon!