Ist das noch AI, oder kann das schon Musik? / AI and the future of music

On this beautiful spring evening, Jovanka v. Wilsdorf will introduce you to some state-of-the-art AI´s that are used in music composition & production today. Along with some beautiful and „creepy“ examples to listen to, you will get an impression of how artificial intelligence might enhance – or diminish – our future creativity and shapeshift the music industry once and for all.


Jovanka is a Berlin based musician and songwriter. With her band QUARKS she has toured Europe and released 5 albums on Sony Music before she became a production consultant and artist profiler for major record companies like Universal music as well as for the Music Pool and the Musicboard Berlin. V. Wilsdorf is a published author and copywriter and was appointed as a speaker for WeAreEurope 2019. As a Speaker on the topics of „creative writing“, „artist career mapping“ and „artificial intelligence & creativity“, Jovanka hits the stage at Festivals and Conferences throughout Germany since 2017.

Space is limited for this event so please register soon if you want to safe a seat by clicking the ticket link on the side.

We look forward to welcoming you!


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