Welcome to the UBISOFT GAME JAM!

The Game Jam is a project focusing on alternatives to commonly used game design techniques. This first edition will tackle the task: Design a game without relying on confrontation as a core game mechanism. Our Jam will include a pitching workshop and 36 hours for you to create your very own game. We want this game jam to be a cooperative and communicative experience. Learning from each other and getting the chance to look at game development in new ways is our goal. Wanna know more?

Over here you can find all info there is and the chance to sign up.

Organizational Info

  • Where? – Hardenbergstraße 32, 10623 Berlin
  • When? – May 17th (17:00) to 19th 2019 (20:00)
  • Do I have to pay to participate? – NO! (yaaay)