In the run-up to the fifth edition of Viva Technology, happening in Paris on June 11-13, the VivaTech Tech team is on the road, hosting meetups in the world’s most vibrant startup hubs. This year they are partnering with Volkswagen We Space in Berlin, to explore how we can turn Europe into a unicorn factory?

Where are the European champions? The region gives rise to highly promising tech startups. Yet very few can claim leadership on a continental scale, let alone global.

Money is there. Education is there. Skills and culture. So what’s missing in the equation? Is it the political drive? A stronger ecosystem?

In the face of the American & Chinese tech booms, we need to find answers, and quickly. As of today, 81% of global unicorns are still founded in either China or the USA.

How can we turn Europe into a unicorn factory? This will be discussed with key players from the tech ecosystem for this edition of The VivaTech Tour.


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