Victor’s films are renowned for their poetic visual landscapes and concepts that present a magnificent world of images. He transforms ordinary moments into artistic reflections about the human condition, which are celebrated by audiences and critics alike.

In this premiere of BUFA Masterclasses, we will explore some of the defining principles of Kossakovsky’s art, among them the following two:


  1. Don’t film if you want to say something – just say it or write it. Film only if you want to show something, or you want people to see something.”

And so, this day will provide you with an opportunity to see two of Kossakowsky’s films, ANTIPODAS and TISHE!, on a big screen, and dive into their distinct universe. In-depth conversations will help you discover the framework and method of their genesis.


  1. “You need your brain both before and after filming, but don’t use your brain during filming. Just film using your instinct and intuition.”

Following this rule, the masterclass addresses film students and enthusiasts to use their intellect in discussing the art of documentary filmmaking according to Kossakovsky.

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