If you’re not hyped, something’s not right – Founder and Creative Director of Fableware Narrative Design, Arthur Protasio, knows that you need to be in the right vibe to get things done. But how do we establish a good vibe? And how do you go from studying Law to being the narrative designer and multiplatform director of Emmy-nominated content? And what does that have to do with cheese? Listen to this #IPTIApodcast episode and follow the cheese crumbs into the world of storytelling and -you guessed it – a real good vibe.

In our podcast „I Play, Therefore I Am“, we talk to our guests about their stories and perspectives on starting out in the games industry, interesting projects they have worked on and their insights of the industry in their respective country. Moreover, we cover their personal life, challenges they had to face and lessons they learned to achieve a deeper understanding of the people behind the games.

New episodes, hosted by our co-hosts Simon Ohler and Florian Masuth, will be published every first Monday of the month and can be found here, or on these platforms: 

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