What better way to decide things than ask oneself: What would Commander Shepard do? Like the main character in Mass Effect, Jasmin Oestreicher chose different paths along the way of her career, leading her from the Shire to Mordor and back, meeting different kinds of leaders and learning from them what counts: empathy, listening, and putting your team first. How she implements these traits in her role as CEO of the successful influencer marketing agency Instinct3 while overcoming her introvert and overthinking tendencies, she tells Simon and Florian in this episode.

In our podcast „I Play, Therefore I Am“, we talk to our guests about their stories and perspectives on starting out in the games industry, interesting projects they have worked on and their insights of the industry in their respective country. Moreover, we cover their personal life, challenges they had to face and lessons they learned to achieve a deeper understanding of the people behind the games.

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