1. Mr. Stolnik, Good Game Global is an international esports organization that offers a new approach to B2B events. Please tell our readers what exactly you offer and what advantages this will bring for companies.
    • Good Game is a full service esports agency and our mission is to bridge the gap between brands and tech savvy, digitally educated gaming and esports fans. In addition to esports agency services, our B2B esports events since 2016 have been intended for tech-heavy centers across Europe. During Good Game B2B events, tech companies send teams of their employees to compete against other teams in CS:GO on the big stage in front of a live audience. Companies get to showcase to future employees that they are gaming-friendly which positively impacts internal and external employer branding.


    • In addition, companies, which attend our events, receive hugely positive PR and word of mouth in the target region. During the adrenaline pumping live esports competition, both players and fans identify gamers within the company from which life-long friendships and new networking opportunities emerge.
  2. Why are you currently putting out your feelers to the Berlin market? In addition, what other plans do you have for 2022?
    • Berlin has been the ideal esports and gaming hub for years. When considering the tech giants which have incorporated, or just have their office presence in Berlin, it is clear that anyone who wants to become a household name needs presence in Berlin.


    • Prior to covid, we have planned B2B esports events across the Berlin area, together with our partners. As we are learning to live in these new circumstances, we are planning our first/next event in the area. In addition to bringing GG events to the market, the full service esports approach gives the opportunity to businesses to use our services to expand into the gaming public.
  3. How do you think the esports industry will develop in the coming years? Will the hype subside – or will it expand?
    • Esports titles will definitely change and update as time passes. It needs to as we are at the very beginning still. Having in mind that esports is primarily digital, there is no limit to its expansion. With new technologies and new worlds like metaworlds being created, esports is growing to become the no.1 competitive entertainment in the world(s).


Januar 2022

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