1. Mr. Tereszkiewicz, this month you will launch your service for all German series and movie fans. Please tell us: What can people expect from the service? What makes it unique?
    • Betaseries is a unique platform – website and app – helping its users find their next favorite TV series and never miss any episode of them. In a TV usage migrating to SVOD/AVOD and with TV series becoming their main offer, our service is a very valuable “TV series companion” and has convinced already 5 million fans. Concretely, if you register for free and start declaring what you like and what TV series and also movies you watch, the platform delivers you highly personalized recommendations with links to the legal platforms, a complete personalized TV series agenda with alerts and many collaborative features with other fans. 
    • Recommendations are based on our analysis of all similar viewing patterns and are proposed in different ways: via our search engine, members tips, random suggestions and also editorial formats like top usage rankings, series reviews, news etc. We released this part on the 10th of March in our German service from our Berlin offices. So our German growing audience can now enjoy almost our full service. We will add our radio and podcast offer later on this year.
  2. You are also launching a B2B service very soon. If I am a film or series producer or a studio – what can Betaseries offer to me?
    • Well, many things! As we are centralizing a huge amount of usage on TV series – watched and expected –, we have built a complete analytics service whose aim is to help producers, distributors but also studios, TVs and platforms to understand these new OTT usages and to use our data to test their series, optimize their marketing plans, benchmark series performances and so on. Concretely we produce live rankings of all TV series viewed on a daily basis with many criteria: per platform, type of series… 
    • We analyse for each of our 25,000 series in the database their performance over time, their audience and benchmark them to platform performances on series in affinity. We also propose screeners on panels to define series audience segments and run satisfaction studies. This applies also to series in development: we are releasing this year in a service backed by Creative Europe to forecast for any new TV series project a performance modelization, the most compatible platforms to target for distribution and its marketing target.
  3. If you look a bit further into the future: What other services do you plan to launch some day? And how will the streaming market develop the next years?
    • We think that the television has moved into another era driven by demand. More than ever, understanding usage and trends, identifying weak signals and power user influencers will be the new levers for success: for producers developing and pitching their series and also for platforms, international and local, developing content strategies to acquire new clients and retain their existing ones.
    • Our aim is to expand at the European level to accompany local players in this growing market and provide them with tools, methods and an ecosystem of partners and solutions fuelling this TV3.0 market with digital expertise. If marketing analysts keep saying how strategic should be data usage and AI for the media industry, the reality is that almost no data is made available from platforms for shared analytics. With our original B2C approach gathering usage from users, we hope and think we have a unique added value to bring to this industry. We are happy to share with the media:net members what we have done so far and how we can accompany their projects.


März 2021