There are two major trends shaping our lives and world of business – Servitization and Digitalization. In such a world, innovation is not a ‘nice to have function or department’, rather innovation is the business. How do we bring innovation into the business? Is it possible “to learn” innovation?

Innovation succeeds and ends in mind first before it takes any material form. From this lens innovation is first and foremost a mindset. In other words we need to start by asking ourselves ‘what kills innovation’ in organisations and what can we do to address those innovation killers.

To nurture and cultivate innovative mindset in organisations it is imperative to understand which impediments are in the way of innovation, and how we can overcome them. Such an approach to innovation is about ‘awareness’ and ‘action’ to unlock value.

In this talk, the speakers will share insights about innovation killers and what organisations can do to identify them and develop ways to address them.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Innovation Killers – You will learn what kills innovation and how to identify and address innovation killers in your organisation.
  2. Design Innovation Framework – You will get to learn the Innovation framework by hands on exercises to apply it to your business context and problems
  3. Servitization and Digitalization (Platformization) – Understanding of two mega trends trends that are shaping our world and business, and how they can disrupt your business sooner than later.

What to expect :


  • A talk on how the world is being shaped by two major trends that are defining our lives and world of business – Servitization and Digitalisation. we will share relevant case studies from Asia and elsewhere.


  • We will conduct hands on exercises where you will get to identify ‘innovation killers’ for your business, and then use innovation framework to address them and create breakthrough change.

Who should attend :

C-level executives, business heads, decision makers from midsize to large companies

Programme :

10.00 – 10.30: Talk | How two major trends of servitization and digitalisation are changing the world (with examples)

10.30 – 10.45: Exercise | Problem Framing – how to uncover the right business problem

10.45 – 11.00: Tea Break

11.00 – 11.15: Talk | An introduction to Innovation Killers and Design Innovation Framework

11.15 – 12.15: Exercise | Apply innovation framework to your identified business problem and develop a solution

12.15 – 13.00: Presentation, Discussion and Conclusion | Each team will present their problem and solution concept and we will have a discussion of what are the learning takeaways of each team

Speakers / Facilitators :

We have speakers and facilitators who have extensive experience in consulting organisations around the world on innovation and business transformation. The workshop will be conducted by :

Nav Qirti 

Nav Qirti is Principal of Ideactio, a Singapore based service design consultancy with an outpost in Berlin. He spends his time between Singapore and Berlin. Nav has been one of the pioneers in introducing human centred innovation in Singapore having consulted organisations like Singapore Police Force, DBS Bank, TATA Steel, National Environment Agency, Singapore, Singapore Tourism Board to name a few. He has also been a growth partner for a number of small & medium enterprises in sectors such as Retail, F&B, Education, Travel, Engineering and Accounting. His area of focus is understanding major trends like servitization and platformization, and how these will impact the world.

Viktorija Rakucha

Viktorija Rakucha is Resident Manager for Ideactio, based in Berlin. Her mandate is to develop Ideactio business in Germany. She spends her time between Berlin and Singapore helping German companies make sense of Asia. She is also an expert in verbal and non-verbal Communications and Human Knowledge.


Felix Mollinga

Felix Mollinga is a Dutch product and service designer at Ideactio, based in Singapore. He’s greatly interested in designing products that solve problems for the near future, driven by innovation, technology, and ethical issues. He has worked on diverse projects ranging from product design to user research to business transformation.


Partner Company : Ideactio 

Ideactio is a service design and business innovation consultancy with HQ in Singapore and an outpost in Berlin, Germany. Ideactio works with organisations to create, deliver and capture value. It offers its service under three overarching offerings : 1. Academy – workshops and study tours for C-level executives to inspire them, 2. Consultancy – orchestrate business transformation driven by deep user research and principles of service design, 3. Studio – to bring to life products, services and brand experiences that make your strategies real and impactful.

Fee for members: free of charge 

Fee for non-members: 69 €  

media:netTUTGUT – Should you register for our event and not appear without cancellation, we kindly ask you to transfer € 50 to the account of the Children’s Hospice Berliner Herz – Hilfe für schwerstkranke junge Menschen im Alter von 0 bis 30 Jahre und ihren Familien – to help seriously ill young people aged 0 to 30 and their families. Click here to go to media:netTUTGUT.

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