1. Justin, what exactly is Q and what will take place on March 25 at your private Atelier 005 at Q?
    • Q is a boutique music and sound destination in Friedrichshain, Berlin. We do music for film, TV, advertising and emerging media. We also do all the sound design and mix as well. Our Atelier is a monthly event series and this is a special evening on Arctic Film with Ann Andreasen (Greenland) and Mike Magidson (France). We will show some of the films we’ve made together but the real special part of the evening is that Ann will be there with some children from Greenland, who will perform traditional Greenlandic music and discuss life there as it is today.
  2. Climate change is one of the biggest challenges of our century and the reason for so many other issues. You spend many years in Greenland What triggered your actions against climate change as a social entrepreneur, musician and composer? Should we as filmmakers, creative artist, media:net networker, Berliners be more radical, outspoken and active concerning global goals to end poverty, fight inequality and stop climate change?
    • I can’t say that I’m an activist in areas of climate change. But I should be. Having lived in northern Greenland for about 2 years in and with The Uummannaq Children’s home, I experienced these issues first hand. Everyone is talking about global implications of the ice melt, but not enough people are talking about its impact on the people who live there. One can only be more radical or outspoken when they are educated. I think we all need to start there.
  3. What do you as an American love about Berlin? Why is it currently the place for you to be?
    • I’m a New Yorker, so its a logical sister city. Berlin is a lot like how some areas of New York used to be. When everything was a bit more edgy. So honestly it just feels like home. I also feel like it has an “everything is possible” kind of vibe. This combined with a street based edgy aesthetic makes for good art. That’s a big reason why I’m here.  


March 2019 

Photo: private

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Q is a boutique Music, Mixing and Sound Branding think tank in the heart of East Berlin. We have created music for Guillermo Del Toro, Sound Design for Steven Spielberg, Sound Branding for Audi and would be very proud to add your name to the list.