The workshop will focus on 3 topics: Publishing Contracts, Commercial Game Design and Marketing Analytics. 5 experts in these fields will share their expertise with an initial keynote, answer questions and evaluate each project case by case in a more hands-on approach. This is why we encourage you to bring your contract, project and specific concerns to the workshop.

Breakfast and lunch will be provided in the breaks between each part.

Part 1 – Contracts and Publisher Partnerships vs Self-publishing

(20-minute keynote & Q&A + 90-minute workshop)

We will look at common terms and conditions in contracts, what to expect and what to be cautious of, as well as glance into the benefits and disadvantages of self-publishing.

Part 2 – Commercial Game Design

(20-minute keynote & Q&A + 90-minute workshop)

We will look at how to design a mobile game with a strong focus on Usability, Retention and Monetization.

Part 3 – Marketing Analytics

(20-minute keynote)

We will look at how to evaluate the success of a mobile game, how to set KPIs case by case, use App store data to boost users and retention, how to read data to find patterns…

We encourage attendees to bring their own contracts, game builds, prototypes and specific concerns, as the mentors will evaluate the projects and help the teams case by case.

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