The workshop focused on the topics of Publishing Contracts and Commercial Game Design. 4 experts in these fields gave a keynote and evaluated projects from the audience in a hands-on approach.

Maria Wagner, head of games:net, opened the event and Boris Heisserer greeted the audience on behalf of KOLIBRI Games.

The first topic, Contracts and Publisher Partnerships vs. Self-publishing, was introduced by Philipp Karstaedt, CEO of META Games, and Felix Hilgert from the law firm Osborne Clark.

Our special guest Martine Spaans, Founder of FGL, came from the Netherlands and shared her expertise regarding how to design a game from a commercial standpoint, with a strong focus on Usability, Retention and Monetization.

After a short breakfast break, the audience split into two groups and began the workshops.

Together with Philipp, Felix Hilgert answered specific questions about publishing deals, the pros and cons of having a publisher and which pitfalls to look for when signing a contract.

Boris Heisserer from KOLIBRI Games coordinated the workshop Commercial Game Design with Martine Spaans. Some of the topics covered where the optimization of the User Interface and Tutorial, design for In-App Purchases and how to adapt the art style for a more successful result in terms of monetization.

The feedback from the audience was extremely positive, and we want to thank our partner KOLIBRI Games for providing us with the space. We hope to arrange more similar events in the future!

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