A unique chance to look behind the scenes of one of the biggest players in esport business.

We are more then happy to have welcomed G2 Esports COO Peter Mucha and another top level guest from G2 Esports HR department to our virtual classroom.

G2 Esports, a Berlin-based esports organization that brings together some of the best competitive players in the world and biggest personalities in gaming, is looking forward to visiting your virtual classroom.

We hope you join us as we offer you a unique glimpse into how an esports organisation works, our recruiting and hiring process, the attributes we look for in winning candidates, how COVID-19 is impacting our work, and the steps G2 takes to build a dynamic and collaborative work culture.

During a time when students are concerned about job availability, the esports industry continues to thrive and we are adamant about creating a pipeline for university students to find a successful career path in the esports and gaming industries.” Peter Mucha COO G2 Esports


About Peter Mucha

Peter Mucha, G2 Esports COO, joined G2 Esports from the Symanto Group where he led the business through its start-up phase, built the strategic vision, and managed both the growth and internationalization of the business and its brand. Previously, Mucha held senior positions with Adidas, Microsoft, Universal Music and Activision where he was integral in building and shaping complex organizations that were fit for purpose and primed for new revenue generation. Mucha also has more than 15 years of experience in digitalization processes and data asset management across an array of industries including retail, traditional sports, gaming, and entertainment. With close to 30 years of professional experience, Mucha’s diverse set of skills spans team building, organizational development, digital transformation, process optimization, and revenue generation.

Participants learned more about the world of esports and found out about job opportunities!

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