Franziska Zeiner is Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Fein, a studio that develops games by women for women. She has a background in economics and mobile free-to-play game development. Previously, she worked at Huuuge and Wooga as a product manager and game designer. 

Mengühan Ünver is an ex-Googler and co-founder of the digital recruiting solution Taledo, Mengühan is passionate about entrepreneurship, recruiting, growth hacking and pitching. 

Tsahi Liberman is Head of Game Design and Data at Lightneer, a Helsinki based elite game studio. He is an award winning narrative designer, game developer and educator who travelled the world and the forbidden realms to empower those who are less fortunate. 

Maria Wagner is the founder of “impact with joy”, a management agency for purposeful projects and an initiator of the GamesForest.Club, a nonprofit for forest protection and reforestation. She supports the games industry to restore life and conquer climate change.  

In the 45-minute-talk, the panelists described how they hire talents, what they do to keep those new hires and what they recommend applicants to keep in mind for their interview. Without the possibility of meeting in person, the participants underlined the importance of a simulated work environment and the joint celebration of success for the day-to-day work. They created online spaces for virtual coffee breaks and opened slack channels for instant communication and victory parties. 

Moreover, the panel analyzed the hiring process between the poles of objectivity and subjectivity. Whereas they pronounced the significance of one’s gut feeling and the relevance of finding a passionate person instead of one with a perfect CV, it was also noted that the technical possibilities allow for an automatization of repetitive tasks which results in a hiring process that is more driven by data and thus, more objective and fair. 

If you missed the discussion and want to hear more about the war for talent and what makes the Finnish feedback culture so special, you can rewatch it on our Youtube channel: 





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