Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Boris Wasmuth

Managing Director Marketing and Co-Founder GameDuell

“medianet consistently manages to bring together key players of the Berlin creative industries and to promote important exchange. As a member of the medianet supervisory board, I am looking forward to bringing the games industry into contact with other sectors.”



Deputy Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board

Moritz Viehweger

Founder, Investor & Advisor in Media Tech & SaaS and Managing Director Celeritas Invest GmbH

“New forms of “work” are taking on central importance, especially in the digital and creative industries. The supposed gap between employers and employees is becoming increasingly shallow in the reality of my life. We need to rethink the participation of people in and at companies. We are often still a long way from agile structures and processes here. I try to take politics along on this journey.”



Startups und Entrepreneurship

Oliver Beste

CEO, Beste Beteiligungen GmbH

“Who would have thought that medianet would become such a successful support structure for startups? Members of the network are mentors to young companies and provide them with important contacts and business experience. Regular exchange of experience between founders in our “Catapult-Club” helps them to gain the crucial lead in the market.”




Music and Strategy

Frank Briegmann

President Central Europe und Deutsche Grammophon UNIVERSAL MUSIC International Chairman & CEO UNIVERSAL MUSIC Deutschland

“Your first point of call for information, networking, ideas and exchange of experiences, medianet brings together media professionals in Berlin and Brandenburg and promotes contacts between the different sectors of the creative industries.”


Film and TV

Christoph Fisser

Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Studio Babelsberg AG, Studio Babelsberg AG

“Whether small German productions or big Hollywood blockbusters. Movies are made in Studio-Babelsberg with the support of a constantly growing number of creative people from the Berlin-Brandenburg region. This creative network is at home in the results-oriented and promising medianet. Every single member contributes to the network and receives at the same time. Working hand in hand in a cross-sectoral dialogue, we can manage to be in a leading position in the competition between the different locations for media industries.”



Venture Capital

Dr. Florian Heinemann

CEO, Project A Ventures

“For companies within media and creative industries, Berlin is as attractive as it is for the startups in the digital area. More and more talents, entrepreneurs and investors, domestic and international, are focussing on the german capital. The ecosystem they find is rapidly developing towards the perfect environment, in quantity and quality. medianet is the connector between all the parties with its multiple and dynamic initiatives.”



Start-ups und Corporates

Axel Menneking

Head of Telekom Incubator Hubraum, Deutsche Telekom AG

“Germany must not be left behind in the international competition of the digital economy. In addition to a founder-friendly environment, we need Berlin as a leading Internet capital and more cooperation between research, start-ups, investors and companies.”



Marketing and Communication

Dr. Tonio Kröger

CEO, antoni GmbH

“Creativity is the most powerful force in business’ – this was already recognised by the founder of our company, Bill Bernbach, in the middle of the previous century. This statement holds true in this day and age more than ever. With medianet, the ideal platform was created to let creativity blossom in Berlin-Brandenburg – since creativity depends first and foremost on the networking of people and companies.”



New Business Concepts

Dr. Nikolaus Lindner (LL.M.)

CEO  | Director Government Relations GER & EEC | Lawyer – eBay Germany

“The creative industry thrives on continuous exchange. This exchange ranges from the daily cross media business to the long-term advancement of the sector. As a global e-commerce-company, it is very important for us to be in contact with other companies in the capital region and to contribute to new ideas and innovations.”



Prof. Dr. Susanne Stürmer

President Filmuniversität Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF

“With our company Adspert we have been part of medianet for two years now: as members as well as participants of the medianet:catapult program and the Investors´ Dinner. We profited significantly from our membership in the network. I would like to share my experiences with the dynamic and tech-oriented scene of Berlin and Brandenburg as a member of the medianet board to repay the network for its support.”




Honorary Chairman

Bernd Schiphorst

Senior Advisor

“People working in new media are attracted to the creative atmosphere of the capital region. They benefit from the network of medianet berlinbrandenburg. Founded over ten years ago, it has since emerged as the major business platform for the media, film and communication sectors in Berlin and Brandenburg. We aim to use synergies and develop specific business ideas.”